Tank-Grade PE Granules

Polyethylene pipes have had broad applications in the various segments of the industry over the years, oil and gas, mining, hydrological transportation to just name a few. They have proved to be economical, environmentally sustainable, and long-lasting (as their lifespans range from 50 to 100 years). The market potential for HDPE pipe has grown significantly over the years, owing mostly to its lightweight, flexibility, and a multitude of other characteristics, the most prominent of which are UV resilience, impermeability, damage tolerance, and flame retardance.

Tank-Grade PE Granules

Our extensive HDPE product expertise and knowledge enable us at AROTCO to meet the EU standards and offer reliable products with a broad range of industrial applications. Polyethylene granules or HDPE Granules, in a similar way, have multifarious applications ranging from the manufacturing of industrial lining, plastic bags, pressure pipes, and most importantly water tanks. Versatile engineering techniques have enabled the production of waste storage boxes, refrigeration units, toys, and chemical reaction tanks with the use of HDPE granules. The specifications of the final granule product depend on the customer’s end-use.

AROTCO provides Tank-Grade Polyethylene granules best suited to water tank manufacturers ranging from white, blue, beige, and green and yellow colors with all standard specifications. High-Density Polyethylene is a non-toxic, tasteless, odorless material that is safe for the storage of drinking water. Polyethylene Water tanks are lighter weight and cost-effective and can be easily moved from one place to another.

Our high-quality raw materials are used in the production of plastic end-products with confidence, particularly water tanks and pressure pipes. Non-oxidizing characteristics and high strength-to-density ratio along with chemical stability, non-toxicity, and flame resistance of HDPE Granules make it ideal for manufacturing durable water tanks. An array of tests is conducted on these granules to ensure that they match the high standard expectations of our customers. Customers can order these granules per their specifications at competitive prices.

AROTCO supplies supreme quality HDPE Tank Grade Granules with proven efficiency, reliability, and price competitiveness. It also exhibits fairly good resistance against ruptures caused by environmental strain, shock resistance, tensile strength, and other properties, and is widely used across different industrial sectors.

Packaging & Shipping

We have the arrangement to ship this material according to customer requirements. Generally, the material is shipped in standard 25Kg bags.

Our Company

AROTCO is a global sourcing and general trading company. Our competence with equipment and engineering services extends across the whole supply chain. We have been successful in gaining the confidence of our honorable industrial partners. This is the core reason why AROTCO has been invited to bid on several projects from different parts of the world.

At AROTCO, we are proud to work with highly motivated, self-driven people who have an irresistible eagerness to excel. We aspire to provide comprehensive value in a globally competitive market while also establishing an environmentally responsible workplace for our employees and consumers.

High-Density Polyethylene
GMTB Compound (Pipe Grade)
Key CharacteristicsTest MethodUnitValue
MFI@190°C, 5.0 KgASTM 1238gr/10min0.25±0.05
FRR (21.6/5.0)….........….........28
DensityISO 1183-1gr/cm30.950±0.005
Carbon Black ContentATM D 4218%2.3±0.1
Impact Strength (Charpy Index@23°C)ISO 179/1eAmj/mm3>20
Carbon Black DispersionBS-2782Ratingmax 3
Oxidation Induction Time, (210°C)ASTM 3895min>55
DSC Melting Point.....°C130